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Gallery 8 is a mixture of miscellaneous shots taken all over Northern California. No particular theme for this gallery.

I have thousands of photographs from all over the USA, suitable for framing, desktop wallpaper, or whatever your interest may be. Make an appointment to come by and view other photos if you don’t fine what you’re looking for here. And check back here as often as you like.

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American Flamingo, stretching. Male Peacock, displaying. Fireworks over Lake Oroville: Oroville, California. A little girl in the fountain, cooling off during a hot summer day. Windmill in lower Paradise, California. In celebration of birds, here's a nice chicken dinner. Yes, I cooked it myself. American Flamingo, posing for the camera. A female Buffalo, injured, after a fight with another female.
A beautiful Meadow Lark, posing for the camera. A Jack Rabbit, ready to dart off into that berry patch, if I get any closer. Here's a Yellow Billed Magpie, looking for mischief. Great Blue Heron, making a fast getaway. Delicious Apple pie from the Farmers Market in Chico, California. A very proud female Wood Duck with her Ducklings. Buffalo's from Montana Country. See what you can do if you have a few months to kill? These Wild Turkeys allowed me to take a few photos of them strutting their stuff, and only after several months of stalking them, plus still more hours this particular day, trying to get a good photo. Am I lucky or what?
Trying to sneak up on this big old Bull Frog was a real challenge. Western Kingbird, posing for the camera. This is a Green Boa. Somehow that just doesn't look very comfortable to me. Fulvous Whistling Ducks. Hey, who drained the pool Jack Rabbit, waste deep in clover. American Buffalo, getting a cool drink of water on a very hot day, in August. White Pelican, coming down for a closer look. Boysenberry Pie, from the Pie Lady, at the Chico Farmers Market; Chico, California.