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Gallery 7's theme is WINTER, in Northern California. Mt. Lassen, Magalia, and Paradise, California. A sampling of some of the beauty to be found here in winter.

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Icicles in the trees. Snow covered meadow. Meadow near Mt. Lassen Snow covered cabin in the Sierra, winter 2011 Snow covered meadows, complete with split rail fence in the High Sierra. View of one of Mt. Lassen's peaks. Mt Lassen's snow covered peaks. Mt. Lassen Peak.
Mt. Lassen's highest peak. Mt. Lassen Mt. Lassen Volcanic Park Mt. Lassen as seen from Highway 36. Mt. Lassen as seen from a distant meadow. Up close and personal. Deep snow drifts at Lassen Volcanic National Park. View of Butte Creek Canyon, from Skyway.
Butte Creek Old Magalia Church View of Sawmill Peak from Paradise, California. Sawmill Peak Lookout Station Upper Paradise Lake Sutter Buttes, the smallest Mountain Range in the world, as seen from Skyway. Keeping warm in winter in Paradise, California. Playing in 10' snow drifts, at Lassen Peak, my sidekick Rocky the Wonderdog!