Miscellaneous photos from 2011, as well as 2012. If I you would like to order any of these, in whatever size you may want, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to help you.

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American Goldfinch A pair of American Wigeons, in flight. Juvenile Barn Owl, afraid to even look at me. I was way too close for comfort.? But pick me! Broad-winged Hawk, what a beauty he is too. There is nothing common about this, Common Golden Eye. Its impossible to sneak up on a Coyote, but I tried. This is a Golden Egale, and he looks hungry. The Red-tailed Hawk.
I startled this Jack Rabbit, and he startled me as well, but I was fast enough to get a couple of shots anyway. This White-tailed Kite, spotted me, taking his photograph. My new best friend, Romeo, you guessed it, he's another Wonder Dog. A 4 pound hunting dog. A beautiful Northern Pin-tailed Duck. The Royal Blue Peacock, displaying. A Red-shafted Flicker, making me chase him, from tree to tree. San Francisco Skyline, I never get tired of seeing it. The amazing city by the bay.
San Francisco and the Bay Bridge all lite up. Just another beautiful sunset in Paradise. Table Top Mountains, north side. How often to you see a white and brown turkey? This is my first, courtescy of Joshua at CHAFFIN FAMILY ORCHARDS. Thanks Joshua. “These Wood Ducks are so beautiful, I can't stop shooting them. More Wood Ducks, are they amazing or what? Thank you Jesus. The Acorn Wood Pecker? Acorns anyone? Golden Eagle. They can see the small print on a news paper from 3.5 miles away.”