Dedicated to the memory of my constant companion and friend, Rocky Moose, The Wonder Dog! I thank My God and Saviour Jesus the Christ for sharing him with me for nearly 3 years. It’s hard to understand how a little dog can become such a large part of one’s life. You can hardly imagine life without him. He helped me to understand what real love, and acceptance is all about. He never judged me or my motives, he just wanted to be with me, wherever I went. He was with me when I took the vast majority of the photos on this website. Thank you, Rocky, for all your help and friendship and unquestioning loyalty and devotion. I miss you so much, and always will. Rocky was hit by a truck after showing me how fast he could climb a hill, not realizing there was a busy street at the top. Nov. 19, 11.

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Rocky's mother Sammy, and his brothers. I'm going to be a rock star someday, cause I ROCK. My little brothers are cute too, huh? But pick me! You made the right choice, you'll never be sorry. Boy, I wish I had feet like that mommy. Really mommy, God made me just for you and daddy? I didn't know that. Behold, your new best friend! I love the snow, watch me run like the wind.
Let's go exploring, grandma. I love to play with my Frisbee, but it’s so hard to pick up. Frisbee heaven. I'm a Lion, and I'm not lying. Oh, Kikku, you are so beautiful, you look just like my mother. Its fun to just sit here and think about stuff, aint it pal? Momma says I don't need a bath. I just wanted to make sure you were there. Don't leave without me, dad.
Thanks dad, me and grandma love to go to the park and play. Look into my eyes, now kiss me, I'm yours. Gee, dad, you almost forgot to thank Jesus for the food. Rocky helping me with Facebook. “Momma, I brought the ball back, look its right here at your feet. Don't worry dad, those deer will never sneak up on us again, you have nothing to fear while I'm on the job. Watch me dad, I'm a rocket dog.  I love you my friend, and I will never forget you, and all the love you brought into our lives. The perfect love, that only a Wonder Dog could give.”